This weekend my husband spent the majority of the day doing some "spring cleaning" on our older desktop computer. It's the one the kids and guests use the most and it's been going on a downward spiral to an untimely death. During the cleaning we stumbled on some of the older pictures that my father must have downloaded on one…


A few weeks ago I purchased my Paul C. Buff light, I've been on the fence with the purchase for over a year. Do I want to invest more money in equipment now, I would ask. Do I even have time to learn how to use them, I would question. Until one night I realized I was stalling out of…


I finally broke down and invested in a good light for my photography. I've been googling over the AlienBees for over a year, but could never muster enough courage to purchase one. But I finally took the plunge and purchased one Paul C. Buff Eienstein flash unit. This is one of the first photos captured with the light. The Setup:…


I’m known for wearing jeans every day and all day. I’ll dress them up and I’ll dress them down, but they are ALWAYS on. Going out to a club I’ll throw on heels, going to the movies I’ll mix it up with boots. I can’t help it, it’s been my go-to wardrobe for decades. But this year I’ve decided to mix it up a bit.

I’ve decided to nix the jeans for the year, that’s 12 months! Three-hundred and sixty-five days! I know for some of you that’s not a big deal but for me this is INSANE. I have to admit I did get a little help, my favorite pair of jeans have a split in them right in the crotch. I’m so bummed because I loved my Lucky jeans. But I’ve decided instead of buying a bundle more I would get rid of jeans altogether (que in the comfortable yoga pants).