I was in desperate need of some photography therapy so I decided to venture out into DC to take some pictures on Sunday morning. And I brought my dad and daughter along with me… Three photographers, Three Canons and Three Tamron lenses. Since I’m always using the Tamron 24-70mm, I decided I would use this time to focus on some Macro photography.

Captured with Canon 6D, Tamron 90mm VC, hand-held. Edited with Lightroom and Instagram Preset.


Busy working mom of 2, lover of technology with a passion for photography and content creation. BizzieLiving.com is my story. BizziePhotography.com is my gallery and Stephanielelie.com is my work.


  • Felicia

    wonderful image.

  • Laura Hegfield

    excellent imageā€¦ great texture!

  • Gemma Wiseman

    Who would believe that a twist of rope could be so stunning. Wonderful. I always need photography therapy. a great way to spend time.

  • Stephanie Elie

    Thank you.

  • Stephanie Elie

    Thanks Gemma. I agree shooting can be so therapeutic.

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