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01-03-13-First-Real-Snow (15 of 107)

So This is What a Real Winter Feels Like Back to school for the new year and already at home for a snow day We finally got the kids back into the groove of going back to school after the long holiday break and BAM! A SNOW DAY! A real snow day, we had about 4 inches of snow in…

Have you ever noticed how everyone seems glued to their little phones? I find even catch myself as I’m passing by windows, my elbow craned and my nose buried in my phone. I wonder if we’re all addicts, or if much has changed over the years. Once, not too long ago, we were all gathered around small black and white…

Being a mom is a lot of work, now imagine taking care of an entire group of 4th graders on a field trip, now that’s hard work! Sure, being a chaperone has its perks, you get to have fun with your kid and you get to see how your child does in an educational environment. For some parents, their first…

An Extended Drive Event
San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, driving across the state in the FJ Cruiser

Last week I spent way too many hours strapped inside a car, it started with my typical 2 hour round-trip drive on Monday, then a three hour trip to San Diego and back on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday I drove to work again and then drove to Sacramento that same night and came back to LA on Sunday. That is just too many hours on the road for me.

The only plus side of doing so much driving is that I was able to do some of it in the Toyota FJ Cruiser. For our trip to Sacramento we tested out the FJ Cruiser to see how it handled as a family vehicle. The kids instantly fell in love – but who doesn’t driving a new car.

Even though our trip was only a weekend turn around for me, I had to pack extra clothes for the kids because they were staying in Sacramento with their grandparents for a week. And the Hubs well we had to pack ALL his clothes because on the way home I had to drop him off at the airport.

I was impressed with the amount of trunk space the FJ Cruiser had, we were able to store our large roller bag, a carryon roller bag, duffel bag, camera bag, camera equipment, and three backpacks. And we still had plenty of room left over – something that never would have happened with my small SUV.