We’ll make this brief because I hate talking about myself. My name is Stephanie and I am a digital junkie, writer, e-retailer, designer, Lifetime Mom and photography enthusiast. I love to accessorize my gadgets in pink – love the color, love the cause and it makes them much easier to find in baggage claim. I have two wonderfully cute and crazy kids and one hubby. We live just outside of LA in the San Fernando Valley.

Why bizzie mommy?
I choose BizzieMommy.com because there is no better way to describe me. I am a busy mom balancing a full-time job, an online baby boutique, an entrepreneur blog, an organic blog (thinkorganicbaby.com) and Digital Channel Editor at Lifetimemoms.com and I’m getting ready to launch Mom Photographers Club.

BizzieMommy.com chronicles my life as a mother while trying to reach financial freedom. I post weekly interviews of other successful mom entrepreneurs and share the tools and business secrets I learn along the way. I also share how I balance work, life and motherhood in this crazy digital world. You will find some of the latest gadgets for the iPhone and DSLR’s and much more. I love to talk about the tools I use as a blogger and a store owner.


  • Last year I was named in Nielsen Top 50 Power Moms in Digital Media– under CEO Mom – moms who juggle work and mommyhood.
  • One of my pictures was on the homepage of IHeartFaces.com – okay I didn’t win the contest but who cares. It was there!
  • In 2009, I became the Digital Channel Editor on LifetimeMoms.com.


I almost cracked my elbow doing the happy dance, that’s right, the happy dance. I was a finalist in two screenplay contests (quick ask me when was the last time I worked on script). I’m going to start writing again soon, real soon.

The worst lie I ever told

A friend once asked me if he smelled, after telling me that his cat peed on his shirt. I said, “No.” A cat peed on his shirt and he still wore it. I didn’t know what else to say. Yes ofcourse I could smell it, A cat peed on his shirt!

The 2nd worst lie I ever told

A couple of days ago we found a dead rat (gross I know) in our backyard. My daughter found it actually. So we told her that Daddy can speak rat and he told the rat to go back to his parent’s house.

My strangest hang up

I am absolutely possessive over my bed. It drives me bananas when other people sit, lay, or touch my bed. One time, my mom came over and laid down on the bed, I had to change the sheets. Something about my mom lying in the same place my kids were conceived totally creeps me out.

Guilty pleasures

I love Pink Berry Yogurt, Cupcakes (especially the pancake and bacon cupcake @ Yummy Cupcakes), Green Appeltini’s, hot wings and Sugar Free Red Bull (my morning pick-me-up).


I was an avid thrill-seeking movie watcher, now I try and sneak in a flick whenever the grandparents are in town or via Netflix.com. I love to spend time with the kiddos, blog, surf the net and write screenplays.

You can contact me via the contact page, just fill in the form and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

Peace, Love & Cookies