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I am definitely a late fan of Empire, one of Fox's hottest shows this season. I just couldn't dedicate an hour to another show this season. So after ALL the season finale's were over, my husband turned on the first episode of Empire and from that point on we were hooked. I mean binge watching hooked. We literally wrapped up an entire season in a week. My favorite part of the show is the music, which is why I'm making Good Enough the song of the month.

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Dance, dance and more dance

Competition season has begun.

This is our first year in competition dance and it has been fun, exhausting, taxing and pretty cool at the same time. I love watching dancers do there thing and especially love watching my daughter on stage. But getting up to get ready at 5am almost every weekend is exhausting, especially when you end up being at the competition all day! I learned two things since starting dance competitions. 1) A bedazzle thing is way easier to use then a glue gun when attaching rhinestones to costumes and 2) Never ever scream so loud that it scares your poor dancer on stage and they blank out and run off the stage. I totally didn't do that, but it did happen at last weeks competition.

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Every now and then there is a song that you just drawn to and can play over and over again without growing tired of it. The first time I played the Work Song by Hozier was probably one of the most taxing work days I've had in awhile and I must have played this song over and over again on my metro ride home. I started listening to Hozier after hearing the "Take me to Church" song on the radio and watching the video. I love a great music┬áthat can also send a powerful message.  

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