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Macro Monday – Reflecting on Older Pictures

Have you ever gone back to look at older pictures just to see how far you’ve come along. I think it’sView full post »

Wordless Wednesday – Caption the Photo

This weekend my husband spent the majority of the day doing some “spring cleaning” on our older desktopView full post »

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SD Cards, How Big is TOO Big?

Yesterday I received an email announcing SanDisk’s new and much larger High Capacity cards. I literally just orderedView full post »

Product Review: Flips Audio Headphones

There is an earbud/ headphone graveyard in my house right now; I’ve gone through 3 pair of earbuds and one set ofView full post »

Home Security Alarm Systems: How To Have Peace of Mind in a Fast-Paced World

For many families, life is extremely fast-paced and in most cases, in order for things to run smoothly in a familyView full post »

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Simple Tips for Stepping Up Your Home Security

According to a recent report released by the FBI, home based crime actually fell during the first half of last yearView full post »

Do One Thing: Go Outside Your Style Comfort Zone

I’m known for wearing jeans every day and all day. I’ll dress them up and I’ll dress them down, but they are ALWAYS on.View full post »

Visions Boards for the Entire Family

This year we decided to introduce the kids to vision boards, I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, but the kidsView full post »